Department Reports

Description Date File Size
2017 Third Quarter Reports, All Departments 2017-11-07 7.14MB
2017 Second Quarter Reports, All Departments 2017-08-09 21.45MB
2017 First Quarter Reports, All Departments 2017-05-02 16.74MB

2016 Annual Municipal Report

The Annual Report serves as an opportunity to communicate with citizens, stakeholders and others regarding the City’s financial performance compared to budget. It highlights Department accomplishments and statistics for the year completed as well as future City goals. The annual report also includes the City’s audited financial statements.

Building Department Reports

Building Permit reports provide information on building activity, building permit issuance, and construction value of building permits issued in the City of Chilliwack.

Month End Reports | Weekly Application Reports

Development & Regulatory Enforcement Services Department Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports from the Development & Regulatory Enforcement Services Department

Fire Department's Annual Report

The Chilliwack Fire Department published annual reports up until 2013, after which time the department began providing quarterly reports.

Fire Department Quarterly Reports

The Chilliwack Fire Department is committed to community safety through public education, code enforcement, fire suppression, and rescue services. This section features Quarterly Reports from the Fire Department.

Operations Department Quarterly Reports

The Operations Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the City’s water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, road and dyke infrastructure, as well as the operation and maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), over 100 parks and sports fields and the City’s recreational trail network.

Recreation & Culture Department Quarterly Reports

Recreation and Culture is responsible for facility maintenance, community events and sports field bookings. This section contains Quarterly Reports for the Recreation and Culture Department.